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Since 2014, helping studios, directors and media companies translate their content from English, Spanish and French into Italian.


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Make your stories shine worldwide

In a global world, the success of movies and TV shows hinges on international reception.

The goal of any filmmaker is to convey messages and emotions, by transposing stories and characters to the screen. A localized version is only good as long as it stays true to their creative intent.

Hi, I’m Riccardo, your localization specialist.
With my audiovisual translation and subtitling services:

  • the original meaning is delivered as the author intended
  • dialogues sound natural and genuine, as if conceived in the local language
  • the final result sparkles the same effect in foreign viewers
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Audiovisual Translation


Specialized Translation

Revision & Quality Control



Subtitles must adhere to very strict requirements.
I work with professional subtitling software to ensure 100% accuracy, supporting all popular formats like .stl, .srt, .dfxp, .pac, DLP Cinema and more.

  • Timecoding and translation
  • Accessibility: Closed Captions and SDH
  • Customized Styling and Burn-In
  • Conformance to international standards and style guides
  • Creative subtitles for particular uses

Subtitles can also broaden your audience in a variety of environments:

  • Cinema & TV
  • Social Media
  • Business & Advertising

Audiovisual Translation

Translation and adaptation for a full range of audiovisual material. Recreate a true oral tone to enchant the public.

From synopsis and catalog information to pre and post-production scripts.

  • Dubbing (Lip-sync)
  • Voice-over and simil-sync
  • Screenplays and dialogue lists
  • Audio Description for the Blind and Visually Impaired


Sometimes translation is not enough. More often than you think, you need to adapt cultural references and local standards for a specific region.
I can help you localize your content to win over the Italian market.

Ensure you communicate smoothly with your audience and they’ll come back to you.

  • Website Localization
  • Video game Localization
  • App Localization

Specialized Translation

Fluent texts that don’t sound like a translation to get your message across the language barrier. From technical to more creative texts like marketing presentations and brochures.

These are my main fields of expertise:

  • Entertainment
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Sports & Games
  • Politics
  • IT & Hi-Tech

I also manage your terminology and glossaries to keep it all consistent, and I work with professional DTP software to match the original design or add a beautiful layout.

Revision & Quality Control

Typos and mistakes can make your text look cheap, distract the readers and make them lose interest. Let’s avoid all that.

On video or in writing, careful proofreading and editing can save your content from undesired effects.
Language, tone of voice, formatting… everything will be in perfect shape for publishing.


Enter a foreign market and set up the right localization strategy without incurring in common fails.

I can also help you address other languages and combinations I don’t cover, thanks to trusted colleagues in my network.

Or, I can rely on great professionals for a whole audiovisual production.

Film Festival Solutions

At film festivals, subtitles can make it or break it.

A great screening time for your work.
The recognition you deserve.

A complete localization package for your festival

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My Work

I completed hundreds of projects for film studios, broadcast networks and VOD platforms.

From comedy specials to corporate videos, I’m experienced in a wide variety of genres, so I know how to tackle the challenges of each one of them and which techniques are most suitable to your goals.













Note: due to confidentiality agreements, this is just a selection of the titles I worked on. More information available upon request.

More about me

I’ve always found motion pictures fascinating, since the time I collected VHS cassettes and DVDs. After a couple of years in the translation business, I specialized in audiovisual localization and officially founded Auvi Translator Pro, to provide standout adaptations that keeps the magic of cinema alive.

I’m also involved in education and training, collaborating with ISTRAD for the Master’s in Audiovisual Translation.
As an Italian tutor, I help students learn how to produce subtitles and dubbing at professional standards.

Moreover, being an active member of SUBTLE, The Subtitlers’ Association, I’m constantly on top of the latest news and trends in the industry.

My qualifications:

  • MA in Audiovisual Translation from ISTRAD, Spain (2014-2016)
  • BA in International Studies from the University of Bologna, Italy (2009-2013)

Work with me


  • 4+ years of professional experience
  • state-of-the-art tools and technology
  • no more worrying about deadlines and poor outcome


  • direct, clear and friendly communication
  • secure handling of all your data and files
  • constant control over project progress

What you get

  • delivery according to your needs
  • a finished work, no need for further amendments
  • a profound impact on clients and viewers!

People Who Trust Me

Viviana MerolaAcademic Coordinator

“Riccardo is an outstanding and qualified professional, both competent and very neat.
I highly recommend him. ”

Qing ZanLocalization Coordinator

“Timely and great quality translation.
I'd choose Riccardo again, especially for time-sensitive projects.
He asks important questions, and he's able to research on his own!”

Giulia PuppoTranslation Coordinator

“Riccardo helped out with several subtitling projects and he's always managed to meet the deadlines.
I particularly appreciate his work ethic.
He communicates his needs, doubts and queries extremely clearly, which makes working with him an easy and pleasurable experience.”

Sidi BenlarbiChief Operating Officer

“Very good feedback and QC on our Italian dubbing.
Very professional and well-organized. Responsive and proactive communication.”

Sergi FlorensaProject Manager

“Riccardo was outsourced for a rush subtitling project and delivered a quality project on time.
I would like to work with him again as soon as a chance comes up.”

Valentina FaralloTranslation Services Manager

“Riccardo delivered for us a perfect translation and on time.
He was always ready to answer our questions and helped us with some layout issues.
We will surely be happy to collaborate with him again.”

Christelle CastroOperations Manager

“Riccardo is very reliable and professional.
I highly recommend his services and would certainly work with him in the future.”

Mattia TozzoliBusiness Owner

“Riccardo helped me to develop my business, he managed website content and online advertising.
I suggest him as translator and copywriter, quite professional and accurate.”

Pietro GaglianòMarketing Manager

“He's a very professional translator.
Strongly recommended!”

Fariha FarahathProject Manager

“Prompt work without compromising quality.
Cooperative and professional translator.”

Sophie WendellTranslation Coordinator

“Very satisfied with Riccardo.
He consistently hits deadlines, offers effective, efficient and prompt communication, and produces high quality work.
Highly professional translator.”

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